My First Film

Hi Friends!

I’m new to the blogosphere, please be kind! I’ve had this blog up since I started my website and I’ve already gotten a bunch of spam! Including one from Gay Porn that said “Why would any 1 miss these ladies. -spammy link here-” Uhh…yeah…seems legit.

ANYWAY! That’s not what this is about. This is about finding yourself.

I’m fairly young still, and still trying to figure out what doors are open for me and what are just windows that you can just barely fit through and you get covered in dirt and bugs only to end up in a cellar somewhere totally inconvenient.

I had a dream about ghosts and zombies, and what would happen if they came from the same person, and that is how my very first film ONE happened. I wrote it quickly, and didn’t do much revision. (I know, I know! Editing is your frenemy!) and I was petrified to do it, but I just felt like I needed to get it done to see if I liked it.

I contacted Sophia Cacciola & Michael J Epstien of Launch Over. They are so simply amazing.. Always wanting to help out where they can, to help make the Boston art’s scene just that much better. They were very encouraging and easy to work with.

So, then I made my friend Landis turn my friend Sarah into a zombie, and made my other friend Lilith shoot her, all while everyone is crammed into my basement.

I only applied for one festival, Boston Underground Film Festival. I was REALLY hesitant for a few reasons. 1, I was anxious about it being my first film. And 2, it was a hefty submission fee because I was late- and since it’s so short It translated to about 30cents/second of film.  But I decided to do it anyway, because what is the worst thing that could happen?

And guess what? I got in.

It’s SO easy to doubt yourself. So easy to just pack up and call it a day of fun. It’s harder to say “Hey wait a minute, maybe this fun is actually something substantial…” and to give people a chance to experience a part of your brain that’s tough to come out.

So here I am, officially announcing it. As my first blog post. It feels right. It feels nice. I’m hoping it happens again quickly and often.

Here’s to more doors and less windows!

Love and Lipstick,
Porcelain Dalya